It started with
a phone call.

Our founder Erik had a request from his father: Help him fix a mysterious IT issue.

He noticed that asking smart multiple-choice questions let him nail down the problem over the phone—and find a solution his father hadn’t been able to.

The doctor will
see you now.

Asking diagnostic questions to uncover a hidden problem is hardly new. It just required a person with the right knowledge and experience to interpret feedback.

We’ve built a platform that does the same thing—automatically and instantly, at scale.

Fast and painless support.

We believe that customer support is about solving problems. Our goal is to make it as quick and accurate as possible.

Solvemate automates repetitive requests, giving you time to do what only humans can.

Leadership Team

Erik Pfannmöller
CEO & Founder
I am passionate about machine learning and truly believe that technology will have a real positive impact on the world.

As a serial entrepreneur, before founding Solvemate, I founded the eCommerce company Before that, I graduated from business school and was a world champion in white water canoe slalom.

I enjoy chasing the big vision of democratizing expert knowledge with my peers.
Jürgen Vogel
CTO & Co-founder
Since building my first website at the age of 9, I’ve been obsessed with software.

For more than 10 years, I worked as a freelancer in the field of software engineering. From being in the e-commerce sector, I developed a sense for customer-focused experiences and complex processes that start in warehouses and end in push notifications on customer smartphones.

At Solvemate we create a software that connects both worlds: machine-driven intelligence and real world customer support. This symbiosis will fundamentally change customer support.
Christian Blomberg
My approach to business development has always been through forming long-lasting relationships.

Prior to joining Solvemate, I spent 8 years building and scaling the commercial side of two successful SaaS startups; Podio and Contentful.

I started my career in customer support and with Solvemate I saw the potential to truly revolutionise this field. I believe support agents prefer working on the more challenging problems and that customers prefer an instant solution. We're making that possible through machine learning.

A company based on honesty and transparency.

We believe in open conversations, real participation, and honest feedback.

We’re always looking to hire driven, talented people.

If you have a passion for machine learning and want to help build a product with positive impact, drop us a line.

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