The biggest cost saver since online banking.

Your service staff should focus on consulting and upselling customers. Let Solvemate help them find their IBAN and block their lost credit card.


Let Solvemate take care
of repetitive requests.

Thanks to our advanced machine learning algorithms, 83% of banking clients don't need human assistance after interacting with Solvemate's virtual agents.

Financial services is a timely business.

When your customers have their credit card stolen, they want to block it and order a new one without waiting. Solvemate lets them do it from their phone, at a bar, even at 3am.
That’s peace of mind.
Our customers want quick and easy answers to their questions – around the clock and without waiting. With Solvemate, we can solve simple customer requests in seconds, which significantly increases our customer satisfaction.

Daniela Gommert
Innovation Manager

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Solvemate helps companies save time and money by automating customer support.

Robotic process automation

Automation beyond FAQs

Certain repetitive requests require an action to take place in your banking backend, whether ordering a new card, fetching the last transactions, or requesting a loan. Solvemate can be integrated with your RPA to deliver value beyond just the most obvious requests.

Speedy resolutions = customers happy.

Clients choose a chatbot over email or phone for speed and convenience, and nobody is faster than Solvemate. With an average resolution time of just 12 seconds, we're proud to call ourselves the fastest virtual agent on the market.