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Jun 4, 2020 2:57:28 PM

Available now: The Customer Service Funnel White Paper


How to create a state-of-the-art customer service strategy with automation and a human touch


Today we released our brand new Customer Service Funnel White Paper.


Everyone’s talking about how customer service can be leveraged to make companies more successful. But how does this actually work in practice?




For a long time, customer service departments were seen as a financial drain rather than an asset. Customer service representatives were the last ones to be allocated funds for projects, training and development.


Thankfully, this is changing. Customer service has become an important part of many companies’ strategy, as business leaders have woken up to the fact that service agents play a key role when it comes to generating revenue and increasing customer lifetime value.


Customer service departments can only deliver these benefits if they are able to build a service funnel, which lays out a clear strategy for the handling of customer requests. Among other things, these funnels incorporate self-service channels and generally make life easier for both customers and staff. 


Our customer service funnel framework is based on the latest industry findings, as well as insights we have gathered from business executives and service leaders. It contains clear guidelines and advice that will help you to start improving your service experience. 


So if your company or service department is currently struggling to offer the level of service your customers expect, then this one’s for you. Our white paper will give you an understanding of the fundamentals of the funnel approach and how you can go about applying it in real life. 




What you will learn from our free white paper:


  • How integrating customer service into your business strategy can turn your service experience into a major selling point that will differentiate you from the competition.


  • How an excellent service experience will not only solve your customers’ problems faster—it can also reduce churn and increase sales, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


  • Why omnichannel service strategies usually do more harm than good.


  • Why it makes sense to approach your customer service strategy like a funnel.


  • How to get started with the customer service funnel and apply it to your own service department.


  • Why personal interactions are not the main driver of superior service.


Our customer service funnel focuses on active prioritisation and guidance. What that means in practice, is that customers aren’t presented with every possible contact channel at once, but are instead guided towards the most efficient channel based on their specific type of problem or request.




An excellent customer service strategy will seamlessly link self-service channels (for simple, repetitive enquiries) with channels that are staffed by service representatives (for requests that are more complex or require added empathy). This covers all bases and ensures a smooth service experience.


In the end, offering great customer service is simple: Make sure your customers get the help they need, the first time around. 


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Sara is a former Solvemate. She’s really into chatbots, and improving customer experience. When she’s not writing about customer service automation, she’s an Italo-disco singer and a devoted housekeeping nerd. Hailing originally from snowy Finland, the Berlin winters leave her cold (pardon the pun).