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Jan 27, 2020 8:41:03 AM

The good, bad and the ugly: 8 of the funniest customer service interactions of all time


Working in customer service - it's not for everybody. Being a customer? Also not for everybody. 

We've collected some of the funniest customer service interactions of all time. Together they show the range of "what's possible" in customer service: from delightful, custom written poetry to nightmare-ish, kafkaesque encounters you couldn't imagine even exist. 


Read on and we can have a chuckle when things go just right - and when they really don't.


Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 08.02.18



1. Spotify sends a hidden message


This one here is cute as a button. Spotify customer service representative was so taken by the positive feedback from user Jelena Woehr, that she created a custom playlist with a "hidden message". 


This kind of small gestures makes all the difference. 





2. Tesco knows their way around poetry


Roses are red

Violets are blue

We love Tesco's service

And soon you will too!





3. Domino's has the best customers


Sometimes it's the customer service's job to ask the right questions and educate them, so the customer can self-serve and solve their issue on their own. 





4. Comcast provides a memorable, kafkaesque service experience


Once you're in, you cannot leave. You'll take your Comcast contract to the grave with yourself. 


In this horrifying, almost surreal recording, Comcast ticks every single imaginable box in the exhaustive list of "what not to do". 





5. Argos knows how to speak the lingo


We've said before that it's important to "tune in" to your customer, their lingo and their vibe - and this tweet is a proof that Argos does it better than anyone else. 





6. O2 gets their customers


O2 advises their customer on how to reset their router. Hilarity ensues. 





7. Netflix fixes the "spaceship"


Who says you cannot have a little fun at work?


Considering that the issue at hand is a technical problem, this is absolutely marvellous - there isn't a better way to handle a bug report. 


*slow clap* 





8. Popular Science should not be about popular science, according to customer


Repeat after me: customer is always right. 





So there you have it - the good, bad and the ugly of customer service interactions. Just as it's not easy to work in customer service, it's not easy to be a customer. 



Sara is a former Solvemate. She’s really into chatbots, and improving customer experience. When she’s not writing about customer service automation, she’s an Italo-disco singer and a devoted housekeeping nerd. Hailing originally from snowy Finland, the Berlin winters leave her cold (pardon the pun).