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Jun 10, 2019 11:12:44 PM

Boost your customer experience with AI


After several years of hype, is AI finally starting to make an impact on customer service? And are chatbots truly able to do more than just annoy your customers, anyway? 


Watch the seminar to find out!


As the official Rise of AI Pre-Event, we held a seminar for 50 guests with pizza & beer at Solvemate HQ! We invited some amazing speakers from the field of AI, with talks ranging from sales to customer service:


  • Crafting a kick-ass sales engine - Michael Brehm, Founder (i2x)
  • A Practical Guide to AI-powered Customer Support - Arun Mani, Managing Director (Freshworks)
  • Lessons learned building support oriented chatbots - Erik Pfannmöller, Founder (Solvemate)





Sara is a former Solvemate. She’s really into chatbots, and improving customer experience. When she’s not writing about customer service automation, she’s an Italo-disco singer and a devoted housekeeping nerd. Hailing originally from snowy Finland, the Berlin winters leave her cold (pardon the pun).