Providing instant online support to Sparkasse’s banking clients.

Using Solvemate, the innovative bank now answers many of their customers’ requests in seconds.

Helping the fastest growing private company in Europe tackle a huge scalability challenge.

By having to offer 24/7, fast, and effective customer support to small merchants using their card payment solution, SumUp chose Solvemate as their partner.

How eGym grew its customer base without sacrificing support quality.

Using Solvemate, the company even improved user experience and gathered customer insights.
Solvemate correctly addresses more than 75% of the handled requests in an average time of just 7 seconds. In the UK alone, we’re deflecting +3000 requests every month, with only an hour invested monthly.

Sibylle Jost
VP Marketing & Sales @ SumUp

I am consistently impressed by the expertise and dedication of the Solvemate team. They are extremely professional, friendly and quick. Because of their excellent support we were ready to launch our virtual agent within one month.

Katja Neuthe
Head of Services @ Formlabs

Our virtual agent reduced our support volume significantly. Thus, our human agents feel relieved from repetitive tasks and at the same time, our customers get a solution in 11 seconds on average. Solvemate is win-win for us and our customers.

Jochen Missel
COO @ Hundeland

By using Solvemate, the number of consumer support requests went down by 33%. At the same time I am convinced that we offer an increased service level. After integrating on the website, we now plan to bring the agent to our app!

Patrick Waldhauer
Head of Support @ eGym

SumUp EU
We started using Solvemate for the speed of its solutions, aided by the fact that merchants who serve themselves mean much fewer calls or e-mails.

Matabato Kimani
Head of Operations @ SumUp EU

72% of users that start interacting with the virtual agent get a solution and don’t require further help from a human.
SumUp Brazil

Rodolfo Wu
Project Manager @ SumUp Brazil

Thanks to Solvemate, we provide instant solutions to customers who experience complex hardware problems. The intuitive backend, the ability to embed interactive videos in the responsive frontend, and the fast support made the choice obvious!

Giorgio Baldelli
CX Developer & Analyst @ Formlabs