Where's my order?
Can I return this item?

Sounds familiar? Let Solvmate handle these repetitive requests, so your service agents can deliver an outstanding service to the rest of your shoppers.


Solvemate handles repetitive requests.

Thanks to our advanced machine learning algorithms, 85% of shoppers  don't need human assistance after interacting with Solvemate's virtual agents.

Shoppers never sleep.

Providing timely support 24/7 is too costly for most e-commerce companies. Being available around the clock means fewer abandoned shopping carts and increased customer loyalty.
Our virtual agent reduced our support volume significantly. Thus, our human agents feel relieved from repetitive tasks and at the same time, our customers get a solution in 12 seconds on average. Solvemate is win-win for us and our customers.

Jochen Missel
COO @ Hundeland

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Solvemate helps companies save time and money by automating customer support.


E-commerce is a margins game.

By automating repetitive requests, you can lower your cost-of-goods-sold and grow your bottom line.

Impulse shopping requires speed.

Solvemate has an average resolution time of just 12 seconds. That's as fast as it gets. Where's that "check out" button?