We are Solvemate.
We save people’s time.

We fundamentally believe that time is valuable. Be it ours, yours, your employee’s or your customer’s: time is a finite resource for all of us.

Solvemate’s story started with a phone call. Our founder Erik had a request from his father: help him fix a mysterious IT issue. He noticed that the fastest way to nail down the problem was to ask multiple-choice questions.

Solvemate is built around asking the right questions, at the right time. Since 2015, our virtual agents have helped over 10,000,000 people find solutions quicker than any other provider on the market. We apply machine learning to actively guide people to the right answer, with the same multiple-choice principle that helped Erik.

Now, for the first time, customers don’t have to wait for an answer, and companies don’t have to deal with the same queries over and over again. The result? A lot of time saved.

Founded in

Berlin, 2015

Clients on

3 Continents

Team of

35 Employees


17 Countries

Our culture
is our first principle.


Information and communication is shared accessible for everyone. We live transparently by default.


Team outcome always comes first. We are a rockstar team, but not a team of rockstars.


We’re open, give honest feedback, and encourage everyone to add their voices to the conversation.


We all are committed to our joint goal and purpose. We take ownership and drive things forward.


We are curious at heart, and continuous learning is part of our DNA.

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