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By Role

Solvemate offers different benefits depending on your role within your organization and how you contribute to your customer’s service experience.


Customer Service Manager

Offer customer service 24/7

Customers expect real time, always-on service. Our platform enables you to engage with customers at any time so they can find the answers they need when they want them. Solvemate allows you to offer service that never sleeps.

Automate and create happy, satisfied agents

Let automation handle the repetitive requests. Not your agents. Reduce their redundant work and let them focus on the requests that matter. Through handovers, reassigning can be avoided by routing tickets to the right agent. With automation, you can manage intra-day, weekly or seasonal peaks better without stressing your agents.

Get powerful insights

Our platform helps you to use customer insights to improve your customers’ self-service experience on your own. Our team can also help guide you with industry specific best practices every step of the way. Our platform gives you and your team the autonomy you want and need to configure highly personalized, automated conversations.


Operations / Project Manager

Think bigger. And act on it.

Use automation to scale your customer support responsiveness without additional headcount - ultimately save costs. Automation allows you to easily scale up without needing more manpower, raising your customer service to the next level.

Measure process quality

Get powerful insights from our analytics: Each customer service request relates to a process - now you can measure its quality and improve it. Our insights deliver all the data you need to boost your operations.

Strengthen your service team

Reducing repetitive requests by automating has a positive effect on your agents’ satisfaction and productivity. It allows them to focus on the requests that really matter. Powered by smart AI, our conversational engine routes the tickets directly to the right agent if a handover is required. No more re-assigning needed.


IT Specialist

No maintenance effort for you

We are a 100% SaaS solution. We understand you and we work to make your job easier. It is in our very nature to build a bridge between software and service, manifested in how we develop the platform.

Fully integrated without data silos

Solvemate’s got you covered: we easily integrate to other customer service applications such as website, mobile, messenger, CRM, ERP or shop systems. When handing over from bot to agent, the conversation is simultaneously transferred to your CRM, storing all the data in one dedicated place.

Don’t worry about data security

We are secure. Hosted in Germany, SSL, 2FA, Pen-tested, 100% GDPR compliant and data processing agreement is part of our contracts. In addition to this, we offer versioning control on who can read, edit, train and publish. With rights management, we make sure only eligible people publish changes.



Boost your customer experience

Solvemate’s automated platform enables highly personalized conversations for your customers, achieving faster resolutions. Available 24/7. Stay on top of your CX by integrating our solutions with all the customer service tools your team is already using and get a holistic view of your customers.

Your competition is on it

In today’s instant economy, neither product nor price are the most crucial competitive advantages. It is a great service. The chatbot hype is over and has proven to be a successful tool for customer service. Automation makes sure you stay ahead of your competitors. And it will deliver a quick payback: implemented correctly, most customers see an ROI within 3 months.

Improve your bottom line

Scale up without increasing service costs - particularly with seasonal highs and lows. Automating your customer service allows you to use the gained time to upsell and cross sell. The insights from our platform deliver all the relevant data to target your customers. By relieving your service team from repetitive requests, you can reduce churn internally.

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