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How Contorion decreased after-sales calls by 40%.

Contorion is a booming ecommerce company, providing procurement supplies to industrial customers. With Solvemate, Contorion’s customers get an answer in less than 10 seconds, and as a result, their after sales calls have decreased by 40%.


The Client

  • A specialist dealer for craftsmen's & industrial supplies
  • Mixes modern ecommerce with the expertise of a specialist store
  • Selling tools from renowned manufacturers for fastening technology, work safety and materials processing
  • Mission is to make procurement easier than ever before

The Challenge

  • Automating repetitive requests so support team can focus on product expertise
  • Customers are not digital natives - how to convince them to use a chatbot and self-serve?
  • Reducing the number of phone calls
  • Making the chatbot the first point of contact and keeping customer satisfaction steady

The Result

  • Introducing the chatbot as the first point of contact decreased inbound after sales calls by 40%
  • The chatbot suggests ~150 solutions every day, representing 25% of the total of incoming service requests
  • 78% self service rate
  • Solutions are proposed in less than 10 seconds

Quick facts

After sales calls decreased by 40%

78% self-service rate

Time to solution 10 seconds

How Contorion decreased after-sales calls by 40%.

Many fast growing ecommerce companies struggle with the same issues: how to keep offering world class customer service, when the orders and service requests keep piling up?

Contorion is no exception. The company is an ecommerce supplier, offering procurement merchandise fast and cheap to commercial customers from the industry. But Contorion has some added complexity: due to the nature of the merchandise they sell, their service team should focus more on product expertise and upselling, and less on repetitive requests f.ex on shipping and billing. Similarly, Contorion's audience are no digital natives, they sometimes may rely on some additional convincing to use a chatbot.


Once we made Solvemate our first point of contact, the number of inbound after sales calls decreased by 40%.

Andreas Lehmann

Head of Service Operations, Contorion

To ensure the success of the project and allow enough time for early iterations, the project was started out rather small. Solvemate handled around 40 different solutions per day, offering quick answers to questions like “Where is my order?” and “How can I return merchandise?”.

The chatbot delivered convincing results in less than two months: with careful work on the persona, content and tone of their chatbot, it became clear that their clientele had no qualms about self-serving - or using “a chatbot”.

As a modern tech & ecommerce company - Contorion is always open to brave ideas. Following this early success, the company decided to make the chatbot their first point of contact. This meant erasing the customer service contact information (email & phone) from the website, and making it only accessible in the chatbot. If the chatbot cannot solve the problem, the customer can either pick up the phone - or send an email directly via the chat. This creates an efficient service funnel, where contacts cannot fall through the cracks, and the customers don’t have to hop from one channel to the other.

Our support requests grew by 32% in 2017-2018, so we were looking for a great tool to increase the level of self-service.

Tobias Tschötsch

Founder & Managing Director, Contorion

While this was a bold move, it was definitely worth it: the number of inbound after sales calls decreased by 40% and the time to solution went down to 10 seconds. The increased usage of the chatbot resulted in more and better data, which improved its performance. The shift also provided other useful insights: Contorion learned that over 65% of their customers interact with the chatbot through their desktop devices. That has proved to be valuable information for sales and marketing!

The maintenance of the chatbot has been integrated in the workflow of Contorion’s customer service team from the very beginning. Spending only one hour on maintenance per week, the team enriches and improves the content based on customer feedback and general performance. If customers have new questions, the team can quickly and easily add new solutions. On top of that, the chatbot will also suggest further training on it's own.

It’s not just the tool! A big part of our achievement is that Solvemate’s Customer Success Team is always there for us when we are in need and have questions.

Andreas Lehmann

Head of Service Operations, Contorion

The next steps will be adding Solvemate Routines. According to Contorion’s contact tracking, there are approximately 1000 requests every month labeled “Send invoice to customer” - a clear opportunity to automate, and further save costs. All that is required to automate these requests is an "invoice generator" to bridge between Solvemate and Contorion's internal database. After verifying the identity of the customer, the chatbot will generate an invoice that can be directly downloaded from the chat, or sent via email. The customer doesn’t even have to leave the channel!

But why stop there? For ecommerce companies like Contorion, the possibilities with Solvemate Routines are endless. With a few verification steps, the chatbot can change shipping addresses, change passwords and even generate return shipping labels.

In eCommerce, using a chatbot is a no brainer: Contorion decreased after sales calls by 40%.


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