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How eGym grew customer base by 40%, and cut service tickets by 30%.

With Solvemate’s smart, multiple choice questions and machine learning, eGym tackles common customer service requests as their user base continues to grow.

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The Client

  • Germany’s premier manufacturer of electronic gym equipment and connected apps
  • 1,000 of 6,000 gyms in Germany use eGym’s products
  • Its apps are used by athletes and coaches alike
  • eGym partners with more than 50 industry partners including Matrix, Precor, Polar, and Runkeeper

The Challenge

  • Create a support solution that can grow with eGym as it expands into new markets
  • Integrate with eGym’s existing ticketing system
  • Make the support available both on the web and in mobile apps

The Result

  • A custom-branded digital agent that’s available to all eGym customers
  • On average, customers receive a solution to their support request in 12 seconds
  • 93% of customers that get a solution proposed do not contact a human agent
  • 30% fewer tickets despite a 40% growth in customers
  • More than 25,000 solutions proposed in just one year
  • Integrated on eGym’s website and app, the agent is reachable 24/7
  • Seamless Salesforce integration creates tickets for unsolved requests

Quick facts

Customer requests tackled in 12 seconds

93% self-service rate

24/7 assistance on both website and app

How eGym grew customer base by 40%, and cut service tickets by 30%.

eGym is Germany’s premier supplier of digital gym equipment and services. Its smart machines use state of the art technology for efficient workouts. With eGym’s fitness app, athletes can also get personalised training plans

As the company started expanding into new markets, it rethought its support approach: To avoid getting many more requests while its customer base grew, it began working with Solvemate.

We have 30% less cases in Salesforce than last year, while we have 40% more users.
Maximilian Fischer
Support Agent, eGym

Solvemate automates customer support using a unique technology that enables companies to resolve common requests instantly and at scale.

Chatbots that actually work. They are integrated on a website or in an app where a customer with a support request can reach them.

The chatbot asks customers a set of dynamically generated multiple choice questions. That way, it can identify and solve their requests in seconds. This is particularly great for recurring requests a company receives—such as questions about pricing or app usage.

For eGym, which receives many repetitive requests, this approach made a lot of sense. By providing most of their customers with a quick resolution to their requests, they were able to completely remove their support team’s phone number and e-mail from their website. Most requests are now resolved without having to create a ticket for them.

eGym launched their own chatbot in the summer of 2017, both on their German website and on their German Android app. Ever since, it has solved more than 25,000 requests—and allowed the company to grow its business without having to deal with a flood of new requests.

Should the chatbot not be able to answer a request, it is automatically saved as a ticket on eGym’s Salesforce. There, they can be quickly addressed by human agents.

eGym now uses Solvemate to better understand its customers and their most common requests. It learns what customers ask and which questions they ask most frequently. eGym uses that information to improve their app, avoid future problems, and increase customer satisfaction. When a bug appears in the app, the support team easily adds information about it to the chatbot—and prevents complaints before they even occur.

With Solvemate, not only do we have a self-service rate of 93%, but the monthly analysis from Solvemate’s Customer Success team provides us with more value than our own CRM system!
Patrick Waldhauer
Director of Operations, eGym

The key to eGym’s successful partnership with Solvemate have been regular exchanges: Since launching the chatbot, the teams from both companies hold regular meetings to discuss the agent’s performance. Together, they decide which new solutions to add to the chatbot or which features are still needed. Following these discussions, Solvemate’s customer success team creates custom-tailored solutions for eGym.

To leverage automatic support even further, eGym is now expanding their cooperation with Solvemate. Due to the chatbot’s support for multiple languages, eGym just added English solutions in addition to German.

With the support of Solvemate’s Customer Success team, we quickly reached positive ROI. They were with us through every step of the way.
Maximilian Fischer
Support Agent, eGym

It is also working with Solvemate to integrate a chatbot on their Facebook page and on the site of NetPulse, a company they recently acquired. eGym is confident that they will see the same success with the U.S.-based fitness technology company.

The focus on customer support has paid off for eGym. Providing an excellent service with a multichannel approach allowed them to maintain strong customer base growth since the beginning of the cooperation with Solvemate. Moreover, eGym is constantly able to improve their customer experience and underline their leading position in the industry.

With a self-service rate of 93%, eGym can keep growing and offering great service — while saving costs.

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