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How JustPark decreased their contact ratio by 40%, while improving CSAT

How would you provide instant, 24/7 customer support to drivers on the road? JustPark was facing exactly this challenge when they set out to work with Solvemate - and they were able to decrease their ratio of customers contacting them after having made a booking by 40%, while increasing their CSAT scores.


The Client

  • A leading UK parking company connecting parking owners and drivers
  • Over 100,000 different contact points yearly with over 3.5 million customers across 8+ channels
  • Customer Support team of around 20 agents
  • JustPark app is used to park a car every 3 seconds in the UK

The Challenge

  • Provide instant answers 24/7 in a stressful business
  • Build an intuitive solution
  • Keep their support team motivated by reducing repetitive requests
  • Scale the business while sustaining their high CSAT score

The Result

  • An easy-to-use chatbot answering customer requests around-the-clock
  • A personalised experience: Automation of user requests, including modifying or cancelling bookings
  • Seamless integration with Justpark’s CRM system Zendesk, both via API and Chat

Quick facts

Contact ratio decreased by 40%

CSAT increased by 15%

Missed chats decreased by 73%

How JustPark decreased their contact ratio by 40%, while improving CSAT

JustPark is a UK marketplace providing an additional revenue stream for space owners and connecting them with drivers looking for parking space through their website and app. The JustPark parking service has been used by over 3.5 million customers across the UK and was the number one result for the search term ‘parking’ in both the App Store and the Google Play Store in 2018.

JustPark’s product is revolutionising the way drivers can connect and do business with parking space owners. Yet they faced the challenge of sustaining their high service levels and CSAT scores while scaling their business. On top of that, JustPark works in a demanding and stressful market. Most of their requests come from drivers who are under a lot of time pressure; when they need to report a car parked in their space or modify the time of their booking, they need a fast response. Space owners, meanwhile, have their own set of needs, such as making a change to their listing or inquiring about payment.

JustPark realised they needed to provide their B2C customers with a fast and efficient solution that would be available around-the-clock. This is when they made the decision to integrate Solvemate’s chatbot into their website. The onboarding was fast and easy and took just 1.5 days - afterwards the bot went live.

It's the best onboarding we have ever had of a product. The fact that we have a deliverable we can show the business in a day and a half - that’s amazing!
Mike Miner
Head of Customer Support, JustPark

After going live, the JustPark team customised their bot’s tone to provide a consistent service experience across channels - here, they received support from Solvemate’s Customer Success team to guide, iterate and test. Furthermore, by checking user feedback, the JustPark team has been able to continue to improve the bot’s performance on a weekly basis.

The chatbot is seamlessly integrated with Justpark’s CRM system Zendesk, both via API and Chat; this means that a handover to a human service agent can happen at any time. Through Solvemate’s dynamic forms users can solve a variety of requests, such as reporting someone who is parked in their space by uploading a picture and filling out the form. Another use case is when users want to merge two accounts they’ve set up separately with different email addresses. In the forms the users are asked to fill in all information, so that the support agent can merge the account. This avoids the time-intensive back and forth between the agent and the end user.

Solvemate has been working closely with the JustPark team throughout the process. JustPark even took part in Solvemate’s UX design testing and product workshop and gave crucial feedback to improve the layout and product development of the chatbot. During the first two months of being live, the Solvemate Customer Success team had a weekly catch up with the JustPark team to improve the bot performance.

Not only was the onboarding productive and entertaining. We walked away with an understanding of the product and something we can actually use - what an efficient use of time!
Alex d’Annunzio
Business Operations, JustPark

Went live 01.11.2019

After 2 months we noticed the following improvements:

Missed chats decreased by


Contact ratio decreased by


Resolution time decreased by


CSAT increased by


Self service rate



second time to solution

Looking to the future, JustPark is working on driving sales using their chatbot, as well as adding it to their mobile app. They want to make sure their bot covers all incoming requests, on all channels!

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