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Request a Chatbot Demo of Solvemate’s Customer Service Automation Platform

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Are you ready to see Solvemate in action and what it can do for your customer service experience?

Request a chatbot demo today! 

  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you 24/7 and provide the service convenience they expect
  • Improve your customer experience by creating highly relevant conversations every step of the customer service journey
  • Use out-of-the box integrations for all customer-facing channel apps to get up and running with Solvemate quickly
  • Improve your Return on Agent Investment (ROAI) by handling more requests with the same number of agents as repetitive requests are deflected and the remaining requests are routed to the best possible resource
  • Improve customer service team morale as agents are relieved from repetitive tasks and are able to focus their quality time on customer care
  • Use granular insights on your customers’ needs to continuously improve your customer experience

Leading brands rely on Solvemate

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