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Customer service automation offers highly scalable service efficiency while meeting all security and data requirements to keep customers and companies safe.


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We are a 100% SaaS solution. We understand you and we work to make your job easier. It is in our very nature to build a bridge between software and service, manifested in how we develop the platform.

Fully integrated without data silos


Solvemate’s got you covered: we easily integrate to other customer service applications such as website, mobile, messenger, CRM, ERP or shop systems. When handing over from bot to agent, the conversation is simultaneously transferred to your CRM, storing all the data in one dedicated place.

Don’t worry about data security


We are secure. Hosted in Germany, SSL, 2FA, Pen-tested, 100% GDPR compliant and data processing agreement is part of our contracts. In addition to this, we offer versioning control on who can read, edit, train and publish. With rights management, we make sure only eligible people publish changes.


The savings are enormous! For us, even a small number of technical requests incurs high costs. The bot is perfect for our customers to solve their requests on their own. Thanks Solvemate.


Giorgio Baldelli

CX Developer & Analyst, Formlabs

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