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Go beyond the chatbot hype and boost your customer service with automation to improve your CX.

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Chatbot for Operations Manager

Managing Operational Efficiency Across the Organization

Customer service chatbots improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the service team while offering customers always-on service that improves CX.  Quickly and easily integrate Solvemate into existing systems for that one view of the customer.

Operations team

Operations / Project Manager

Think bigger. And act on it


Use automation to scale your customer support responsiveness without additional headcount - ultimately save costs. Automation allows you to easily scale up without needing more manpower, raising your customer service to the next level.

Measure process quality


Get powerful insights from our analytics: Each customer service request relates to a process - now you can measure its quality and improve it. Our insights deliver all the data you need to boost your operations.

Strengthen your service team


Reducing repetitive requests by automating has a positive effect on your agents’ satisfaction and productivity. It allows them to focus on the requests that really matter. Powered by smart AI, our conversational engine routes the tickets directly to the right agent if a handover is required. No more re-assigning needed.

With Solvemate, not only do we have a self-service rate of 93%, but the monthly analysis from Solvemate’s Customer Success team provides us with more value than our own CRM system!
Patrick Waldhauer
Director of Operations, eGym
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