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Go beyond the chatbot hype and boost your customer service with automation to improve your CX.

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Save Time, Not Just Money

The adoption of chatbots in finance is all about trust. Build that trust with your customers by resolving their issues instantly through automation.

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How Scaling Up With Chatbots Bring You Closer to Your Customers in Financial Services

Building trust while implementing self-service automation in the financial services industry is a challenge, but was one that Holvi knew they had to conquer for their business to grow successfully.

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For a Personalized Service Experience

Be part of the change

Banking is changing and so are customers’ expectations. From FinTechs to Banking giants, customers want instant service and open lines of communication. Don’t make them wait, get started with chatbots in finance.

Critical issues need instant solutions, 24/7

A stolen or lost credit card needs to be immediately blocked - even when it happens in the middle of the night. Our chatbot in finance can resolve such a highly personal request in an automated way.

Focus on upselling, not repetitive requests

Saving time your service team spends on common requests, makes more time for them to upsell your products and services. Our chatbot in finance takes over the tedious tasks to make room for more complex servicing to take place.

Make It Personal With Automation

Every connection with your customers is unique. Using an API connection to your database, chatbots in finance can fetch information specific to your customers, as well as execute repetitive tasks. Register for online banking? No problem. Report a stolen credit card? Done and your card is already blocked.

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Less repetitive requests and frustration, more relationship building. Solvemate helps you discover the true power of self-service with chatbots in finance.

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