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Solvemate vs Ultimate.ai

In the market for a customer service automation platform or chatbot and wondering how Solvemate compares to Ultimate.ai? We’ve gathered some insight and information we hope will help you on your buying journey.


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Key Differences

There are a number of differences between Solvemate and Ultimate.ai. Here are the top 3 general considerations. Book a demo to learn how Solvemate can help your company meet its specific goals.

Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The unique Solvemate Contextual Conversation EngineTM uses a powerful combination of natural language processing (NLP) and dynamic decision trees (DDT) to precisely identify solutions to your customers. The Solvemate chatbot doesn’t take months to ramp up to learn before customers see fast, accurate answers. We offer real chatbot value within weeks of going live. Ongoing training and maintenance of the Solvemate chatbot will also take you a fraction of time. Check out our case studies to learn from real customers using Sovlemate.


Customers today expect you to know everything about them and offer them specific solutions to their problems. With Solvemate you can incorporate user system insights as well as context questions and authentication to offer highly personalized chatbot conversations. Solvemate is the next best thing to human interaction, available 24/7 and at infinite scale.

Retail Expertise

Although Solvemate has customers across many industries, we have a lot of experience with eCommerce companies. We’ve refined best practices and key metrics to help online retailers improve self-service rates, CSAT and other key KPIs your leadership will care about.

At a glance …

Customer Value
Enterprise Scale

Reference: Apprize360

How is Solvemate Different?

The Solvemate Contextual Conversation EngineTM. is what really sets our chatbot technology apart from the rest. Our approach to conversation logic allows your chatbot to learn more quickly, integrate more easily and resolve customer requests faster and more reliably than any other chatbot on the market giving you the best time to value


In addition to getting great technology from us, we offer you our exceptional customer success team. From initial set up and launch to quarterly business reviews, we’ve got you covered. We want you to be wildly successful with Solvemate. Check out our customer reviews on G2 and Capterra to hear directly from our customers.


What Our Customers Say

“Game Changer!”
“From the sales conversations, then on to the ongoing partnerships the communication and support has been something I’ve never seen before. A really really engaging bunch of people who just want to work together to meet the same goals.”
“The best solution to fast and good customer experience!”
“If I can put the amazing people working at Solvemate aside, and focus on the best things about the app, the best thing about Solvemate would be the flexibility to make the bot suitable for your requirements.”
“It’s Worthy!”
“Awesome staff, great product, customisation options and features that can be created just for your personal use.”
“Great support in setting up the bot so quickly.”
What do you like best? “Customer Success Manager”, “Reactivity of the team”, “Quality of the deliverables.”
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