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Conversational AI for Customer Service

Cost Effectively Scale 

Conversational AI powers the automated, personalized conversations that guide customers to find the answers they seek while allowing your agents to focus on the conversations that require a human touch.


What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI refers to smart software that can analyze and respond to speech and text inputs. Conversational AI driven chatbots detect patterns using data to predict and deliver the most logical answers to end users looking for solutions. Customers self-serve to find answers in the fewest number of interactions with speed and convenience.

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Automation Doesn’t Mean

Don’t compromise on your customer experience. Using automation doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone in the same generic way. In fact, you have a lot of information about your customers that can personalize the experience for each individual.

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Solvemate Gives You Effortless Automation

Solvemate’s customer service automation platform uses Conversational AI and is easy to set up and train.  It is created for service teams to set up and manage in hours, without IT. Continuously improve your chatbot experience with user behavioral data. No painful and time-comising NLP training necessary. In fact, Solvemate’s Contextual Conversation EngineTM precisely understands what customers are looking to provide the fastest, most reliable answers.

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Give Your Customers the Solvemate Experience


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We Integrate with the Best

Our partner ecosystem allows you to create great experiences that work with your systems for a seamless experience from automation to agent.

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