Go beyond the chatbot hype and boost your customer service with automation to improve your CX.

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Why customer service automation?

Go beyond the chatbot hype and enable meaningful conversations with customer service automation.
Let a chatbot handle your most repetitive requests in a personalized manner while your team gains the valuable time they need to offer a great service experience.

Improve your CX

Always on’ is the motto of today’s instant economy. With automation you can offer personalized service that never sleeps. Get your customers the answers they need, when they need them. No more being on hold and frustrating service experiences. Go beyond answering standard questions and enable meaningful conversations by handling even highly personalized requests. Deliver fast and accurate answers for high first-contact resolution. Chatbots are easy to integrate in your existing processes and systems. Make the bot the one-stop solution for your service.

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Become more efficient

Today’s mode of communication is scattered across a variety of channels. Yet, you want your service to be where your customers are. Achieving a unified contact strategy for your customer service requires funneling your omnichannel approach. By bringing the chatbot experience to your website, your app and to messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook, you create a first line of communication - offering the same service experience across all channels. Implementing your chatbot where your customers are builds a powerful self-service layer which frees up your support agents to take care of the more complex cases. Ticket handling has never been more efficient. Automation will not only improve your team’s morale, it will also allow you to scale your team’s output while containing costs. Meanwhile, machine learning improves the bot over time, enabling it to handle even complex requests efficiently.

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Increase your effectiveness

Besides being where your customers are, you need to be there when they need you. Some cases require a human touch. Handovers can be configured based on user, channel and topic, guiding the customer how to get in touch with you. Collect all the necessary information to handle a specific case within the bot so the customer is routed to the right department and the dedicated agent can offer a solution at once. Reduce resolutions times and make all of your conversations meaningful, automated and human. Solvemate customers have seen resolution rates of 83% while their support ticket volumes decreased by 40%.

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Get all the insights you need

Automating your customer service does not only speed up your support but also brings your customer insights up to speed. Go deep into your customer journey: you can measure your CSAT within the chatbot, collect feedback and get analytics on customer behavior which helps you to understand your customers better and identify service needs. Automation allows you to directly act on it by training your bot to precisely guide your customers to the right solution, further improving their service experience and helping you stay competitive.

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