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Create Customer-loving Teams

Automate repetitive support requests, save time, and deliver exceptional service experiences with the Solvemate and Dixa integration.

Delivering Value Together

  • Out of the box integration to deflect the repetitive questions so agents can focus on the more complex customer conversations and provide a more personalized experience
  • It's easy to configure Solvemate in Dixa by adjusting the hours, knowledge and service provided so that customers receive the ideal balance of personalized quick self-service and customer friendly agent
  • Quick and easy to deploy - improve your customer experience and satisfaction scores by getting Dixa and Solvemate working together
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Discover the Dixa Effect

  • Deliver fast, efficient, and effective customer service
  • Unified architecture across all channels be it phone, email, contact form, chat, or messenger
  • Smart routing based on intelligent flows, automations, data and context based algorithms
  • Presence to engage in conversation, on any channel, (agent must be available)
  • Self serve resolution, fast agent information with knowledge-centered service
  • Connect your favourite tools and solutions with Dixa with an open API ecosystem

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