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We enable brands to deliver quality customer service through meaningful conversations.

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Let your service be as global as your customers.

You enable your customers to travel the world and need to be available throughout their journeys - no matter the time zone.

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For a personalised service experience.

Get them on the road safely.

Going on holiday is exciting. Offer your customers a smooth service experience, so they can plan their journey without stress. Integrate our travel chatbot across your service channels to answer any pre-sales questions that may arise.

Let travelers build great memories.

Resolving issues on the road in an instant manner is important for your customers to truly enjoy their travels. Our travel chatbot helps you answer their requests fast, so they can continue to enjoy their stay / journey / vacation.

Help them out when they feel stranded.

In critical situations, such as trouble with a booking on-site, travelers rely on fast help far away from home. Our chatbot can retrieve personalised information to verify booking IDs to save the day wherever they are.


Make it personal with automation.

With Solvemate Personalisation, every connection with your customers is unique. Using an API connection to your database, the chatbot knows your customers and can fetch information specific to them, as well as execute repetitive tasks. Booking status? No problem. Cancelling your flight? Already done.

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Keep working with your existing tools.

Solvemate integrates with any modern CRM system. It stores the chatbot transcripts in your CRM system, and can hand over to your team via phone, live chat or a CRM-ticket, so your service team is always in the loop. With Solvemate, it’s easy to be where your customers are: you can incorporate the chatbot on your website, your mobile app or even inside the Facebook messenger.


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