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Make your chatbot more powerful than ever

Personalize your chatbot responses with user-specific data and deliver outstanding customer service by partnering up with parcelLab and Solvemate.

Shipping is the most important part of the customer journey - win them over!

  • Create a personalized chat experience for your customers using Solvemate and parcelLab.
  • Connect your chatbot to your customer data with parcelLab’s simple to use API’s.
  • Automate answers to frequent questions like “where’s my order?”.
  • Personalize responses with user-specific data from your CRM or other back office system.

Learn how Globetrotter gets better ROI with parcelLab and Solvemate

  • Parcellab integration makes it possible to retrieve data from every Globetrotter customer order.
  • Customers can get order data via their Order ID, Consignment ID, or email address.
  • Easy to use chat buttons allow customers to get their order data faster.

With Solvemate Routines we're able to automate highly individual requests - and our customers love our personalised service experience. As does our support team: our live chat numbers decreased by an impressive 50%, allowing our agents to spend more time with our customers.


Jonathan Beirne

Head of Customer Service, musicMagpie

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