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Ian Golding:
Business Leaders Hold Great Customer Experience Back

Discussing why and how business leaders hold companies back from creating positive, emotional experiences that would create raving fans.

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Executive Summary

Companies need to strike a balance between strategic business objectives and the customer’s experience. Learn what it means to create intentional, not accidental, customer experiences that could create the raving fans every company aspires to have. This episode’s guest, Ian Golding, author of "Customer What? The honest and practical guide to customer experience", shares with Erik his passion and insights into what it takes to create intentional customer experiences in a sustainable way.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • Why most companies haven’t understood the importance of CX
  • The emotional element of CX - good, bad or none
  • Why so many leaders don’t understand the importance of CX
  • How worrying about shareholder value is mistakenly holding customer service back
  • How to create a customer experience leadership mindset
  • The hidden role of employees in customer experience
  • What is the customer service chain
  • Making CX intentional, avoid the accidental experience
  • How a framework can help make CX sustainable


This episode of The Art of Customer Service covers the following

1. 00:00:00 Introduction to the topic

2. 00:03:07 Ians experiences of CX

3. 00:08:03 Overcoming resistance

4. 00:12:43 CX at the example of Amazon and Apple

5. 00:18:37 The shareholders dilemma

6. 00:26:21 Getting a better view on CX

7. 00:34:19 Making CX intentional


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