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Stefan Moritz:
The importance of Service Design

How to create the perfect customer experience beyond the purchase

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Executive Summary

When we think of design, we often think of product design. But have you thought recently about service design? Good service design goes beyond customer satisfaction and into building strong customer relationships that are good for both customers and employees. A carefully designed customer experience can make a company more efficient, while boosting customer and employee happiness too. In this episode you’ll learn about the importance of service design, and why companies these days need to compete not on getting a good share of the customer’s wallet, but a good share of the customer’s time and care.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • What is service design and why does it matter?
  • Why companies need to remember that even if they automate parts of their customer service process, the experience is still a fully human one.
  • That customers are the only ones that can see the customer experience from the customer’s viewpoint, and how this makes them co-creators of service design.
  • Why companies need to understand that customer service doesn’t begin and end at the edges of the computer or phone screen. It covers the entire customer journey from the first query or search.
  • The importance of not just stepping into the customer’s shoes, but also understanding the context around their service interactions and their use of a product.


This episode of The Art of Customer Service covers the following

1. 00:00:00 Introduction to the topic

2. 00:05:08 Outsourcing services?

3. 00:11:11 How software defines the customer experience

4. 00:16:05 Why are customer service agents currently undervalued?

5. 00:19:39 How will the industry change in the next 5 years?


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