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Zendesk: The Digital Tipping Point

Discussing why customers are moving to more digital channels and how companies can manage this by adopting new customer service technologies.

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Executive Summary

The CX world is changing and getting ever more demanding. Is your company able to meet your customers expectations with the right support tech stack? In this episode, Erik Pfannmöller talks to Alexa Seefeldt, Enterprise Partner Sales Manager at Zendesk, about the latest CX trends and they get hooked on one in particular: The digital tipping point. Many companies faced this point of no return last year due to the global pandemic. In their Customer Experience Trends Report 2021, Zendesk found out that 75% of decision makers say COVID has accelerated adoption of digital tech. This was also because 64% of customers started using a new customer service channel, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 2020 was a true ‘make-or-break’ moment for most companies and those who were able to adapt quickly (and adopt new technologies) are the ones that will continue to deliver great customer experiences.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • What a digital tipping point is
  • Why customers shifting to digital channels have caused a huge spike in service tickets
  • How the digital tipping point has accelerated from being a long process into becoming a matter of days in 2020
  • Why digitalization should come with an ease of use and not create frustrating customer experiences
  • How to ensure that the 2020 digital tipping point is a lasting experience for companies and not go back to do things ‘the old way’


This episode of The Art of Customer Service covers the following topics around the digital tipping point and the adoption of new technologies:

1. 00:00:00 Introduction to the topic

2. 00:04:13 How working with Zendesk changed during Covid

3. 00:16:59 Digital tipping point = process?

4. 00:18:51 Does the new stay or will the old come back?

5. 00:20:08 German customer experience journey

6. 00:22:33 Biggest challenges for companies

7. 00:24:26 Tipps and examples

8. 00:30:48 Farewell


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