With machine learning, the virtual agent gets smarter every day.

Solvemate is easy to use from the get-go. Just map your questions, upload content and train - our algorithm will do the rest. You’ll see results from day one.

With integrations, Solvemate plays nice with friends.

Solvemate can be integrated with the tools you already use every day. When needed, Solvemate creates a new ticket in your CRM system, or connects to a live-chat.

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Go-live in less than four weeks.

Solvemate is quick and easy to implement. Just enter the most frequent requests, their solution, and you’re ready to go live in days—not months.


Customise and make it your own.

Stay true to your brand. Customise your virtual agent and offer a smooth & seamless customer experience across all channels.


Say ‘Hello’ in any language.

Asking questions instead of using natural language, Solvemate is easy to translate & maintain - even for just one service agent.

Solvemate Routines

Take automation even further with Solvemate Routines.

Solvemate Routines + Your database = Less manual work. With Solvemate and information directly from your databases, the virtual agent can fetch your customers personalised information, specific to them.

All the insights you need to take action.

Get actionable data, in real-time. Tracking how your customers use your virtual agents, Solvemate dashboard tells you clearly what’s working (and what’s not).

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A great experience on any device.

Solvemate works across all devices. No matter the technology your customers use, Solvemate virtual agent is within their reach.


Peace of mind with the highest security standards.

Don’t lose sleep over security. With features such as two-factor authentication, role management, back-up and version control, your virtual agent is airtight, and secure.


Our platform is quick, reliable and easy to use.

Our solid infrastructure offers full support in making sure that your system always stays available - even during peak times.

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