Build a strong connection with your customers.

As a telecom provider you connect people. Help them save time when they need to connect with you.

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For a personalised service experience.

Make service your USP.

In a crowded market, service becomes your crucial differentiator. Improve your service experience through automation.

Time’s the new gold.

Nobody likes calling about details on the phone bill. Solvemate lets customers get an answer in just 20 seconds - that’s how you build loyalty.

Be available. 24/7.

We’ve all been there: the internet connection goes down and work becomes impossible, or you run out of data on your travels and don’t know how to top it up. Solvemate helps your customers diagnose the problem and fix it - without having to call a hotline.


Upsell customers through personalisation.

Use a simple API connection to up-sell and generate more revenue by automating personalised requests, such as
- Data top-ups
- Device or plan upgrades
- Making a payment
- Tailored packages (WiFi, TV, landline, long distance calls)
- PPV purchases

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Keep working with your existing tools.

Solvemate integrates with any modern CRM system. It stores the chatbot transcripts in your CRM system, and can hand over to your team via phone, live chat or a CRM-ticket, so your service team is always in the loop. With Solvemate, it’s easy to be where your customers are: you can incorporate the chatbot on your website, your mobile app or even inside the Facebook messenger.

Automate your customer service
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