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HHL: Customer-Obsessed Company Culture

About putting the customer at the core of a business, the value of negative feedback and making customer success a team effort.

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Executive summary

Sophia Kuhl, managing director at HHL DIGITAL SPACE, a start-up incubator for digital business models, has worked for tech giants such as IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Talking to Erik Pfannmöller in this episode, they discuss why companies have to be obsessed with their customers to be successful and how to achieve such a culture. Sophia highlights that this is a team effort and a company needs to create a holistic strategy, yet customer service is the most important part of it.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why you have to put the customer first even if that means that you have to sacrifice other important things.
  • Why you can only become successful as a business when your customers are successful.
  • Why customer success needs to be a cross-departmental team effort.
  • Why the go-to-market strategy should be customer-centric and not product-centric.
  • What microbes and polar bears have to do with customer-centricity.


The Art of Customer Service podcast covers these topics around why companies need to have a customer-obsessed culture:

1. 00:00:00 Introduction to the topic

2. 00:04:34 Long-term orientation of companies

3. 00:11:12 It’s all about making customers happy

4. 00:18:03 How important feedback is when it comes to better customer service

5. 00:27:48 Using tools like social media to handle feedback

6. 00:32:25 Being customer-obsessed


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