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Zendesk Integrations

Respond to Your Customers Around the Clock

Automate repetitive support requests, save time, and deliver exceptional service experiences with Solvemate, Zendesk and Sunshine Conversations with our Zendesk integration.

Zendesk Integration to Improve Your Customer Service Experience

  • Streamline your customer service experience with our AI-powered chatbot as a first touchpoint on your website.
  • Reply, engage, and upsell using Solvemate’s industry leading speed and accuracy.
  • Easily connect Solvemate to your Zendesk environment and handover conversations from chatbot to agent.
  • Personalize chatbot responses to each user with API connections to your CRM.
Zendesk Integration

Go Beyond Text With the Complete Outbound Messaging Package

  • Unify messages from every channel into a single conversation.
  • Build brand loyalty with personalized messaging throughout the customer journey.
  • Reduce churn by engaging with customers on their preferred channels.
  • Keep customers informed and stay ahead of escalations.

Be Where Your Customers Are

  • Handover important cases to an agent via Zendesk live chat, form, or phone.
  • Respond immediately in chatbot conversations through live chat.
  • Integrate with Zendesk Sunshine and link to your CRM.
  • Reach your customers using the apps they already use, such as WhatsApp.

More integrations

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