Improve service and benefit on the bottom line.

When the accident occurs, your insurance customers want peace of mind, asap. Let Solvemate handle your repetitve requests, so your service reps can put out the real fires.


Guiding your clients down the right path.

Let's be honest, the language of insurance policies isn't for everyone. By asking your clients structured questions in a language that they understand, Solvemate is able to guide the vast majority of your insurance clients to the answer they are looking for.

Instant answers,
around the clock.

The unexpected knows no office hours. Lost luggage in Bangkok? Car accident on the way to a meeting? Solvemate lets your customer find their coverage, and move on, without wait.

See our customer success stories.

Solvemate helps companies save time and money by automating customer support.


Significantly reduce
your costs.

An average support request costs in the insurance business costs the insurance company between €4 and €8. Solvemate can handle your repetitive requests at a fraction of that price.

Make your customers happy.

Peace of mind starts with great service and an average resolution time of 12 seconds is hard to beat. Also, your customer service reps will love the drop in "copy-paste" answers, and spending more time with customers that really need the help and empathy of a human.