The Client

  • Berlin’s largest bank
  • 1.3 million private account clients
  • 85.500 corporate clients
  • 659.000 active online banking users
  • 70.000 calls per month

The Challenge

  • Eliminate waiting times through automation
  • Better service for the clients of Berliner Sparkasse, from the device of their choice
  • Fast and painless solutions
  • Service that’s available around the clock

The Results

  • A custom-branded digital agent that responds to all requests
  • Integrated on their website, the agent is reachable 24/7
  • On average, customers receive a solution to their support request in 14 seconds
  • No more waiting times for customers
  • No more reliance on opening hours
  • Cost savings thanks to repetitive requests being dealt with automatically
Berliner Sparkasse is a bank with a long history: Founded in 1818, it has been providing financial services to the German capital for two centuries. 

It also goes with the times: With its best-in-class mobile offering and video consulting services, Berliner Sparkasse has been defining what it means to be a bank in the digital age.

In 2017, Berliner Sparkasse started using Solvemate to offer its customers a new digital touch point—and eliminate waiting times for its customers.
Our customers want quick and easy answers to their questions—around the clock and without waiting. Conventional customer service cannot always do this.

Daniela Gommert
Medialer Vertrieb
Berliner Sparkasse

With almost two million private and business customers as well as 1.3 million accounts, Berliner Sparkasse faces a support volume of 70.000 calls per month. 

Berliner Sparkasse’s Innovation Department was tasked with providing better customer service while increasing operational efficiency. They were intruiged by Solvemate as its technology could help them reach both targets at once.

Solvemate’s structured questions approach combined with its powerful machine learning capabilities were the decisive factors. Solvemate demonstrated that answering structured questions is much faster and more accurate than having customers formulate and type out their own requests.
As a traditionally stationary company, we are increasingly focusing on digital solutions to meet the growing customer expectation of great online services.

Daniela Gommert
Medialer Vertrieb
Berliner Sparkasse

average response time
14 seconds
conversations each month
Training was straightforward. Now we can simply add answers when they’re needed and prioritize certain ones when they become pressing. For our support team that means a lot fewer calls or e-mails.

Joachim Wangnet
Medialer Vertrieb
Berliner Sparkasse

In a joint workshop, Solvemate and Berliner Sparkasse’s support team compiled the 40 most popular requests and the best answers for each of them. With this knowledge, the virtual agent could immediately go live.

The support team now regularly adds new requests and answers, whenever they notice gaps in the knowledge base. The team has learned what their customers are asking and which answers perform best.

After half a year in operation, Berliner Sparkasse’s virtual agent now handles 7000 conversations each month, providing customers with solutions in 14 seconds on average. 

Using Solvemate, the bank was able to offer a new touch point, reduce waiting times, and save costs each month.