Higher satisfaction,
lower costs.

Let's face it; few telcos are known for great service and those who are, need to outspend the rest. No longer.


First contact resolution.

Thanks to its advanced machine learning algorithms and unique approach, Solvemate sees the best-in-class first resolution rate of of 87%.

Telco customers expect it.

We’ve all been there: The internet connection goes down and work becomes impossible, or you run out of data on your travels and don't know how to top it up. Solvemate helps your customers diagnose the problem and fix it — without having to call a hotline.

See our customer success stories.

Solvemate helps companies save time and money by automating customer support.


Reduce costs,
increase revenues.

With Solvemate handling the bulk of your repetitive requests, your agents can focus on value-adding services like converting new leads and upselling existing customers.

The new gold is time.

Nobody likes calling about the details on the phone bill. Solvemate lets customers get an answer in just 12 seconds — that’s how you build loyalty.