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Nov 18, 2021 7:53:00 AM

Why Chatbots Are Key to Customer Service Accessibility


Accessibility in customer service is no longer nice-to-have, but necessary. Why? Because service needs to be available to everyone and today more than 1 billion people experience disability worldwide. That’s 15% of our population. Any more questions?


While chatbots are per se a great tool for people with disabilities, Solvemate has taken this one step further and is now fully compliant with WCAG 2.2. With this accessibility feature, companies can now reach a broader customer base and customers with disabilities more easily contact those companies. Offering an inclusive service that is accessible to everyone should be at the core of every company as it’s an important aspect of all brands’ service experience to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Learn more about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in this blog post.


Modern customer service chatbots using Artificial Intelligence (AI) already benefit from enhanced digital accessibility and usability. Conversational AI chatbots extract insights and patterns from behavioral data to help identify and propose the most logical answers to end users looking for solutions so customers can solve their problem in the fewest number of interactions.


One Chatbot, Many Accessibility Options


Different aspects of the chatbot’s technology cater to different disabilities, improving the customer service experience for everyone. In general, Solvemate’s chatbot is built upon buttons and free text input to allow the easiest navigation for everyone. But there’s more to this. Here’s how Solvemate can help in particular:


Visual Impairments


The chatbot widget can be fully navigated with screen readers. Additionally, images have descriptive captions while the text inside the chatbot is short and precise to make questions and solutions easier to understand. Another option is to use Conversational IVR (aka the chatbot on the phone) in order to self-serve on a voice-based channel with no reading or writing required. A big advantage here is that everything can be repeated and the speed of the conversation adapts to the user.


Motor / Mobility Impairments


The voice-based chatbot channel is also a big advantage for people with physical impairments which would prevent them from e.g. using a keyboard or a mouse. Conversational IVR allows intuitive access to customer service via phone with the ability to self-serve or to be handed over to a service agent.


Cognitive Impairments


Chatbots offer the right knowledge at the right time in a condensed manner which does not overwhelm people with cognitive disabilities such as an extensive FAQ page would. A chatbot is already easy to understand and navigate as it shows the content in a logical hierarchy, asks precise questions and offers specific solutions. Solvemate’s Contextual Conversation Engine™️ is based on dynamic decision trees and NLP, which combines the precision of guided questions and answers with the freedom of text input. 


Hearing Impairments


For people with hearing impairments, chatbots are already a good tool as they can read along and solve their problems on a text-only basis. In case the chatbot can’t solve the request, there needs to be at least one handover option that is text based as well, like starting a live chat or filling out a form to use email as a channel of communication.


Solvemate’s accessibility feature works out of the box and requires no extra effort to easily transform your service organization.


Read the full press release here.





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