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Jan 24, 2022 9:30:00 AM

Why Would Solvemate Create a Money Back Guarantee?

Solvemate makes it risk free for customer service managers to incorporate a customer service chatbot and learn what #SolvemateExperience means first hand.

Solvemate makes it risk free for customer service managers to incorporate a customer service chatbot and learn what #SolvemateExperience means first hand.

Solvemate’s story started with a phone call. Our founder Erik had a request from his father: help him fix a mysterious IT issue. He noticed that the fastest way to nail down the problem was to ask multiple-choice questions. Right there, the basic idea for Solvemate’s chatbot was born.

Chatbots have been around for a while now. You only have to look at your own personal experience as a consumer when shopping online to know they are growing in popularity. You’ve probably had a rather mixed experience with them - some good and some pretty bad that might have led you to conclude that chatbots suck

Especially in the early years, chatbot technology was pretty limited and a lot of bots just failed to find a solution. It’s very frustrating when no solution or a wrong solution is found via a chatbot. It’s a bigger waste of time than calling customer support in the first place - something you were probably hoping to avoid.

Since Erik’s phone call with his father, our product has evolved tremendously: The Solvemate Contextual Conversation Engine™️ combines the precision of dynamic decision trees (DDT) with the freedom of natural language processing (NLP) to create a superior conversational experience with more reliable and faster solutions for customers. This unique combination eliminates traditional chatbot frustrations.

Our aim is to create meaningful conversations. Since we are convinced that we can deliver exceptional results for you and your customers, we are launching our money back guarantee. It’s a little unusual in the B2B SaaS world to make such an offer but not completely unheard of. The really interesting thing is WHY we decided to take such a bold step. 

Why a Money Back Guarantee?

Basically, the answer is that we believe. We think there are two prevailing opinions about chatbots within companies:

Haven't tried it (yet)

  • Feel comfortable with the traditional way of doing things and add agents during planned peak seasons
  • Find it too hard or fear making a change to current processes to consider self-service automation (despite the benefits)

Had a bad experience

  • Cynical about how chatbots or any automation can really help customers
  • Fear a customer having a bad experience

At Solvemate, we truly believe in our ability to help customer service departments deliver better support to each and every customer with customer service process automation. We trust the product that we have built with both customers and service teams in mind. So much so that we are willing to guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back. 

Solvemate is big on having and living an outstanding company culture. When we thought about what we could do to help companies overcome their fear of change or of creating a bad service experience, we realized a totally risk free offer was a great way of expressing all of our cultural values in one experience. A money back guarantee embodies our cultural pillars of #transparency, #candour, #commitment, #curiosity and #teamwork (Solvemate and our customers).

Let’s face it, whatever way you slice it up, traditional customer service channels face human and process bottlenecks that keep customers waiting and are expensive to scale. Automation is the future. It can help you to eliminate long wait times and frustrating experiences for customers and service agents alike.

Become part of the #SolvemateExperience - Risk Free!

By providing faster, personalized, reliable answers to customers, you will improve your customer loyalty and retention as well as lower employee turnover as agents will get relief from simple, repetitive questions.

  • Reduce number of tickets
  • Reduce waiting times across all channels (phone, email, live chat, social)
  • Improve resolution times across all channels
  • Improve CSAT
  • Improve Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX)

Check out our money back guarantee for all the details. The proof will ultimately be in the pudding. There is no better way to prove it than to see for yourself. Let’s get cooking together!


Paulina von Mirbach-Benz is the Head of Sales and Partnerships at Solvemate. She is passionate about creating real value for customers and driving change. Before joining Solvemate, Paulina was responsible for sales and international growth in various leadership roles in the FMCG and Automotive industry.