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Show your customers you really care. Our chatbot automates your repetitive requests so your team can do their best work. Take control of your service experience.

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Why Solvemate?

Less repetitive requests and frustration, more relationship building. Solvemate helps you discover the true power of self-service.


Boost your self-service rate to 83%

Solvemate clients reach an average self-service rate of 83% in less than three months. That’s a lot of solved requests, avoided frustration - and happy customers.


Offer the right solutions in just 20 seconds

In our instant economy, every second counts. With Solvemate’s algorithm led flow, your customers find just what they were looking for.


Say ‘Hello’ in any language

By asking questions instead of using natural language, Solvemate is easy to translate & maintain - even for just one service agent.


The Old Way vs. The New Way

Slow, complex, inefficient, expensive.

The new way of service:

Quick, simple, accurate.

Your customers get tired of waiting.

No queues, always available.


Same requests over and over again.

No frustration.

Just instant customer service.


How does it work?

Dynamic learning means better solutions. With a diagnostic approach and machine learning, Solvemate asks the right questions at the right time.

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The virtual agent gets smarter every day

Solvemate is easy to use from the get-go. Just map your questions, upload content and train - our algorithm will do the rest. You’ll see results & happy customers from day one.


Seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Solvemate plays nice and works with the tools and services you already use every day. In situations where your virtual agent can’t help, it will create a CRM ticket or connect to live-chat.


Actionable insights from your dashboard

Analyse where your customers experience problems so you understand how you can improve your virtual agent and your overall customer experience.

Bye old customer service,
Hello Solvemate.

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