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How musicMagpie cut live chat waiting times by 88% during COVID-19

musicMagpie is a UK-based online retailer specialising in buying, refurbishing and selling electronics and entertainment media. Their business relies on a personal touch and their customers are always eager to receive updates on the status of their transactions. During the pandemic the company saw their live chat waiting times skyrocket and needed to take action. With help from Solvemate, they tackled the problem with outstanding success.

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  • eCommerce retailer that buys and sells refurbished entertainment goods
  • 1000 employees
  • 35 service agents


  • Maintain their high CSAT score while experiencing a steep ticket increase of 35% during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Automate highly repetitive requests such as order status, payment status and return status that make up 40% of requests
  • Reduce waiting times for live chat; the average waiting time rose from 60 seconds to 8 minutes during the pandemic


  • 50% fewer live chats
  • 97% decrease in live chat waiting times on the first day after launching the bot
  • 20 seconds time to solution

Quick facts

50% fewer live chats

97% decrease in live chat waiting times on the first day after launching the bot

20 seconds time to solution

How musicMagpie cut live chat waiting times by 88% during COVID-19

musicMagpie is a UK-based online retailer that buys and sells refurbished electronics and second-hand computer games, consoles, books, films and music. Their customers have very high expectations in relation to their transactions, so the business must offer highly personalised service. Once a customer has sold or bought an item, they are generally very eager to receive updates on their transaction status. As a result, musicMagpie experiences a high number of queries regarding the status of orders, payments and returns.

musicMagpie’s business model has proven resilient in the face of the COVID-19 health crisis. With social life impacted by lockdowns and social distancing rules, many people are looking for other forms of entertainment. Consequently, the buying and selling of entertainment equipment remains strong and even peaked during this challenging time, with the number of incoming requests rising by 35%.

This had a significant impact on their previously low live chat waiting times, which suddenly rose from an average of just 60 seconds per user to a staggering 8 minutes, as their support team struggled to keep up with the rising number of incoming requests. To maintain their exceptionally high CSAT scores, musicMagpie decided to partner with Solvemate and start automating their customer service strategy.

Solvemate’s chatbot had a major impact on musicMagpie’s service experience from day one. The automation strategy helped alleviate the strain on musicMagpie’s live chat service by automating the most common customer requests, as well as several personalised requests, thereby freeing up their agents’ time. The musicMagpie chatbot features five routines that can even take care of more complex requests, such as checking the payment or refund status and automatically resending invoices to customers. This cut the number of live chats in half, so agents could devote much more time to each customer. They were able to process the live chat queue so much faster that the waiting time decreased to the pre-pandemic figure of just 60 seconds – on the first day after launching their Solvemate chatbot! The highly efficient bot also helped musicMagpie achieve their goal of maintaining a high CSAT score despite the crisis. For a company that provides highly personalised service with a lot of human interaction, they were very impressed by the results made possible by automation.

With Solvemate Routines we're able to automate highly individual requests - and our customers love our personalised service experience. As does our support team: our live chat numbers decreased by an impressive 50%, allowing our agents to spend more time with our customers
Jonathan Beirne
Group Head of Customer, musicMagpie

The musicMagpie chatbot Maggie is fully integrated into the Zendesk CRM system, so customers can be smoothly handed over to live chat if necessary. Solvemate’s automation platform and analytics suite also provide deep insights into musicMagpie’s customer journey, which can be leveraged to further develop the company’s services. For example, the chatbot usage data revealed that the bot on the checkout page was used less than expected, while the one on the customer account pages was used significantly more. These insights empower musicMagpie to rework their customer accounts from a product perspective and improve the overall customer experience. They also learned that both buyers and sellers were sending more requests after the transaction, rather than before, and that packaging was the most common topic in pre-sales requests.

musicMagpie’s customer support agents were positively surprised by their new chatbot. Despite initially worrying about being “replaced”, they soon realised that the bot was in fact helping them do a better job – and now they love it.

A little fun fact about Maggie: musicMagpie put a lot of emojis into their bot, making it a fun and engaging way for customers to interact with the company. This approach also aligns perfectly with musicMagpie’s quirky brand voice.

The remote onboarding didn't stop Solvemate from providing fun, engaging and easy to digest sessions. My excitement on the project increased and I love seeing the bot take shape so early.
Jonathan Beirne,
Group Head of Customer, musicMagpie

Launch May 2020

Since launching the Solvemate chatbot we have noticed
the following improvements:

Time to solution


The number of live chats was reduced by


On the first day of go live, the live chat waiting time decreased by


musicMagpie are planning to launch their chatbot in the US market as well.

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