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How SPORT 24 Makes Customer Service Automation a Business Priority to Improve Their CX

The Danish sporting goods retailer SPORT 24 is focused on improving customer experience and satisfaction as well as growth. The tool of their choice? Automation. Their chatbot SportBot24 solves customer requests in just 19 seconds while delivering a CSAT of 81%. Here’s how they do it.

Product Shot Sport24 bot


  • SPORT 24 is a Danish retail and eCommerce business for sporting goods (clothing and equipment) which was founded in 2012 as a collective of sports stores and outlets.
  • They have an online shop in Denmark and Norway, which might soon expand to other EU countries, as well as over 100 local stores all over Denmark and Iceland.
  • SPORT 24 has more than 1,000 employees and currently 6 agents working in customer service.


  • They needed a scalable solution to help their customer service improve their average response time which went up to 52 hours during times of high demand.
  • Their customer service team struggled to keep live chat open and had to turn it off due to high volumes which could not be managed.
  • Making customers happy is their number one goal, but long response times and irregular live chat meant they could not live up to this standard.


  • By implementing their chatbot, they’re now able to hit their goal of an average response time of 24 hours while the bot provides a solution in only 19 seconds on average.
  • By channeling their customer requests through the chatbot, they’re able to provide live chat on a continuous basis and keep it open during peak seasons.
  • SPORT 24’s bot has a CSAT of 81%. The team uses insights from the chatbot to continuously improve their service offer and proactively inform their customers.

Quick facts

69% Self-Service rate

19 seconds time to solution

81% Overall CSAT

How SPORT 24 Makes Customer Service Automation a Business Priority to Improve Their CX

The Danish sporting goods retailer SPORT 24 is focused on improving customer experience and satisfaction as well as growth. The tool of their choice? Automation. Their chatbot SportBot24 solves customer requests in just 19 seconds while delivering a CSAT of 81%. Here’s how they do it.

SPORT 24 started off as a merger of several different sporting goods stores across Denmark in 2012. Since then the brand has grown to over 100 physical stores in Denmark (including Greenland and Faroe Islands) and Iceland as well as broadened their sales reach through their web shops in Denmark and Norway. And they are on a mission to reach more markets in the EU. 

Living up to their slogan to “embrace your passion” (#DyrkGlæden), SPORT 24 puts their customers at the heart of their brand. Their excellent Trustpilot score of 4.7 proves this, but their customer service team is always on the lookout for new ways to delight their customers and scale their service offer in an efficient and effective way.

As any other eCommerce business, SPORT 24’s customer service is affected by customer request fluctuations due to seasonal peaks. In the past, this had led to high response times (52 hours) as well as needing to turn off contact channels like live chat due to high volumes and too little human resources to handle the incoming flood of requests.


This is the first time we have been able to have live chat open during peak season because we can decide exactly on which topics we want to offer it through the chatbot.
Malene Wrængmose

Customer Service Team Leader, SPORT 24

But 2021 was a year of change for them. Making customer service automation a business priority, SPORT 24 worked particularly on improving two areas: self-service and internal processes. They wanted to improve both the customer experience as well as their employee experience. In both cases, the key to increasing efficiency was automation.

To handle the demand fluctuation due to seasonal peaks and free up agents from repetitive requests, SPORT 24 decided to onboard a digital member to their team: SportBot24. The chatbot picks up around 5,667 conversations per month, delivering an answer in just 19 seconds while keeping a high CSAT of 81%. 

With functions such as checking the order and return status, the bot handles the most frequent requests automatically. The chatbot answers customer questions at every stage of their journey: From pre-transactional requests to problems during the buying process as well as after the purchase. On top of that, SPORT 24 uses the insights from the bot to continuously tailor their service offer to their customer needs.

This has helped the team to focus on what matters most and cut down their average response time by 50% to their goal of 24 hours. The chatbot is not a stand-alone tool but integrated with Zendesk to handover conversations seamlessly via tickets or live chat in case human support is needed. A handover via phone is also possible. Due to the preparatory work of the bot as well as mapping the fields within the chatbot and Zendesk, the customer service team has all information at their fingertips to solve the problem.

Automation is a priority for us to elevate our customer experience and customer satisfaction as well as scale our customer service effectively. We’re proud to be on this journey with strong partners like Zendesk, helphouse.io and Solvemate on our side.
Malene Wrængmose
Customer Service Team Leader, SPORT 24

SPORT 24 had already been using Zendesk as their CRM and for live chat for a couple of years, but wanted to unlock its full potential which is why they reached out to helphouse.io, who are also a trusted consulting partner of Solvemate. The collaboration included assessing their current Zendesk set up and giving recommendations on how to further improve their workflows. 

The chatbot is their first line of defense by funnelling customer requests and used to proactively inform customers about important updates in a timely manner, such as payment issues or delivery delays. Growing their business in Europe is accomplished through both an automation-first and customer-first approach. More growth also means more customers, more service requests and more languages. This can be easily handled with a chatbot, which SPORT 24 did when expanding their business in Norway. Their Norwegian digital colleague went live shortly after the launch of their web shop to help new customers 24/7.

As we’re expanding our business to other markets, our chatbot will be part of every new web shop as it helps us scale our service offer quickly on a local level. It's the first point of contact for our new customers, providing a personalized CX.
Malene Wrængmose

Customer Service Team Leader, SPORT 24

Launch April 2021

Since launching Solvemate's chatbot, SPORT 24 has noticed the following improvements:

Solutions displayed per month
Overall CSAT
Time to solution
19 seconds
Self-service rate
Average response time decreased by

As SPORT 24 is growing more and more, they want to further optimize their user channeling and get more customers to use their self-service option. This also includes using the chatbot instead of separate knowledge base articles to maintain less content and have a single source that is always up to date. Another use case for a chatbot would be integrating it to their loyalty programme and offer exclusive options to their club members.

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