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How SumUp cut agent demand by 22%, and scaled up customer service.

With a great product, comes great responsibility. Revolutionary fintech company SumUp is growing so fast, their customer service cannot keep up. Enter Solvemate: with a self-service rate of 72%, SumUp cut agent demand by a whopping 22%. Now SumUp customers around the world get instant service, around the clock.


The Client

  • The fastest growing private company in Europe
  • Payment provider making card payments accessible for any merchant
  • Presence in 31 countries after expansion into 14 markets last year
  • Hundreds of thousands of small businesses rely on SumUp to get paid

The Challenge

  • Handling customer support in the languages of 31 countries
  • Speeding up response time during peak hours
  • Reducing repetitive request for the support staff
  • Finding a solution that scales as the company grows

The Result

  • SumUp’s chatbot handles more than 80,000 requests each month
  • Solutions are proposed in less than 12 seconds
  • 72% of customers who get a solution don’t require further help
  • 22% decrease in demand for SumUp human agents
  • Support requests are currently handled in four different languages
  • Solvemate is integrated to SumUp website and linked to their Salesforce dashboard

Quick facts

Self-service rate of 72%

22% decrease in demand for SumUp human agents

Chatbot resolves over 80,000 requests/month

How SumUp cut agent demand by 22%, and scaled up customer service.

SumUp is a payment provider enabling small merchants to accept credit and debit cards. Often overlooked by big banks, these merchants make up an incredibly diverse target group—with lots of different support requests.

As SumUp kept expanding into new markets, they were looking for an elegant solution to scale their support. In June 2017, they turned to Solvemate to automate many of the incoming requests and reducing the workload of their human agents. The most important requirements? Reducing response times and handling different languages, as SumUp operates in 31 countries.

Solvemate’s platform uses structured questions to categorize and solve each request. Not only is that much faster than asking customers to formulate and type in their own questions, it also means the platform is language agnostic.


Why Solvemate? The time to solution is the fastest in the market. Offering fast self-service also means much fewer calls and emails.

Matabato Kimani

Head of Operations, SumUp EU

When setting up their chatbot, SumUp’s support team could easily create solutions for the most common requests in all the languages they required. In each market, their chatbot can therefore ask questions and respond to requests in the respective language. Right now, their agent offers support to the merchants in four different languages (English, Portuguese, Dutch, and German) with more to come!

72% of customers interacting with the chatbot find a solution and don’t require further help from our customer service.

Rodolfo Wu

Project Manager, SumUp Brazil

The approach also means speedy responses: With an average resolution time of just 12 seconds, the often sensitive payment questions are now handled quickly and securely, around the clock.

As one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, SumUp needed the implementation of Solvemate to be fast and painless, without too much ongoing work. Thanks to a well-designed interface, training was quick and requires only one support agent to maintain it.

Solvemate correctly addresses more than 75% of the handled requests in an average time of just 7 seconds.

Sibylle Jost

VP Marketing & Sales, SumUp

Each month, SumUp’s chatbot resolves over 80,000 requests, dramatically reducing the number of customer service emails and phone calls.

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