Frequently Asked Questions

How is Solvemate different? arrow

Solvemate uses smart, multiple-choice questions that actively guide the user to the right answer. With a diagnostic approach and advanced machine learning algorithms, Solvemate has a much higher accuracy than the virtual agents you find elsewhere.

Does Solvemate use NLP / NLU? arrow

No, because NLP / NLU (Natural Language Pattern & Natural Language Understanding) technologies are not optimal for solving customer requests - fast. Typing and formulating questions in a way that is understandable to AI is time consuming and often frustrating. Combining multiple-choice questions with machine learning provides a much faster and more accurate resolution rates.

Where can I see more features? arrow

Please check out our product page or get in touch for a demo.

What is an API Audit? arrow

With an API audit, we allow Enterprise customers to audit our API for your security compliance.

How do I integrate Solvemate into my website / app / etc? arrow

Solvemate is API-first and can be integrated into any digital experience where you interact with your customers. For a detailed overview of how to integrate Solvemate, check out our product page.

What is a handover to an agent via email / chat? arrow

If your customer does not feel satisfied or the virtual agent decides it’s necessary, the request will be handed over to a human agent.

Email means that we either send you an email or create a support ticket, including the option for your customer to leave text comments.

Chat handover means that we can directly connect your agent into the conversation to start a chat. Please note that only some chat providers are able to add external APIs to their conversations. This option is only available for Professional, Custom and Growth plans.

What are routines? arrow

Routines in Solvemate enables your organisation to resolve requests that require customer-specific information. Let's say your customer would like to find out where their order is, or know their current balance—routines allow you to ask the customer for the required information and return to them with the correct answer, without any human interaction.

What is a conversation? arrow

When one of your visitors interacts with your virtual agent to get help, we call it a conversation. However, we only count the conversations in which your visitors get a solution proposed by the engine.

How do I sign up? arrow

Glad you asked! Get in touch for a free demo and we’ll get you set up with a quick introduction and your very own account.

What happens when I reach the limits of my plan? arrow

If you reach the limits, then overage fees are applied. There is no limit in the usage, but we’ll be in touch to discuss the plan that fits you best.

What is algorithm-lead content improvements? arrow

Solvemate detects improvement potential in your virtual agent and supports you in improving your virtual agent. Our algorithms detect gaps in the virtual agent’s knowledge and suggests new knowledge that should be trained in order to serve your customers better.

What is success management? arrow

Success management means that we will be there with you every step of the way, to make you successful. We provide the support you need to take your virtual agent live and make it part of your support workflow. From there on we provide email support and regular online meetings. On Growth & Custom plans, you'll have a dedicated customer success manager at Solvemate, and we set up frequent meetings to continuously help you improve your customer’s experience. If you are low on resources from your side, we also offer professional onboarding packages to help you make the most of your virtual agent in the first weeks and months.

Can Solvemate connect to my CRM software? arrow

We can integrate with any modern CRM software. If you have your own CRM or special requirements, please get in touch to evaluate your specific needs

Who needs a user account? arrow

Your employees that need access to train or analyze your virtual agent through our web application will need a user account.

What are the available SLAs? arrow

Plans Uptime guarantee Support – Severity: Critical Support – Severity: High Support – Severity: Low
Gold 99.9% 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours
Silver 99.5% 4 hours 8 hours 16 hours
Bronze 99% 8 hours 16 hours Next day

* all hours are business hours and subject to the terms of your service order