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We enable brands to deliver quality customer service through meaningful conversations.

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Happy customers bring more revenue.

Show your customers how much you care. Solvemate chatbots automate repetitive requests throughout the customer journey, on any service channel. Take charge of your service experience.

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...and wave the competition goodbye. Meet your customers’ expectations in an instant economy and let your service experience be your differentiator in a complex market.

Customers won't wait

Research has found that there is only a 2min benchmark until users hang up the phone when you put them on hold. Offer your customer 24/7 instant solutions instead of growing their frustration about your service levels.

Resolve common requests automatically

With the highest resolution rate in the market (83%) our chatbot guides the users to the right answer intuitively. The chatbot learns and gets smarter over time. Through dynamic forms it captures all important information to achieve speedy solutions.


Make it personal with automation.

With Solvemate Personalisation, every connection with your customers is unique. Using an API connection to your database, the chatbot knows your customers and can fetch information specific to them, as well as execute repetitive tasks. Delivery status? No problem. Reporting a stolen credit card? Already done.

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Keep working with your existing tools.

Solvemate integrates with any modern CRM system. It stores the chatbot transcripts in your CRM system, and can hand over to your team via phone, live chat or a CRM-ticket, so your service team is always in the loop. With Solvemate, it’s easy to be where your customers are: you can incorporate the chatbot on your website, your mobile app or even inside the Facebook messenger.


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