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SAP: B2B Customer Service

Addressing businesses as customers in service: The vanishing lines between B2C and B2B customer service.

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Executive summary

Esteban Kolsky, Head of Product (SAP CX Customer Service and Sales), knows customer service from top to bottom - from B2C to B2B. Talking to Erik Pfannmöller in this episode, they take a deep dive into the relation of both approaches and what it takes to deliver the right solution matched to your customers’ expectations. In the end it is all about  personalization, speed and efficiency.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How SAP developed its B2B customer service strategy and builds its B2C service tools.
  • Why it is crucial to apply lessons learned from B2C customer service to B2B to match customer expectations.
  • How to deliver a hyper-personalized CX in B2B customer service.
  • What Formula One cars and B2B customer service have in common.


The Art of Customer Service podcast covers these topics around the similarities and differences between B2B and B2C customer service:

1. 00:00:00 Introduction to the topic

2. 00:04:35 What is the structural difference between B2B and B2C customer service?

3. 00:06:35 How to reconcile B2B and B2C customer service

4. 00:12:29 B2C software taking over B2B customer service

5. 00:16:54 Personalized digital customer service

6. 00:22:39 Customer service channels

7. 00:25:55 Latency expectations


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