Dynamic learning,
better solutions.

With its diagnostic approach and advanced machine learning algorithms, Solvemate has a much higher accuracy than the chatbots you find elsewhere.

It’s blazing-fast.

Answering structured questions is much quicker than formulating a request yourself—especially from a phone.

Impress your customers with correct solutions in an average of 12 seconds.

Solvemate is a smart virtual agent.

It takes control of the conversation by asking smart diagnostic questions, and quickly offers correct solutions. That’s how automation should work.


Training? Easy.

No need to teach Solvemate a hundred ways to ask the same question. Just enter the most frequent requests, their solution, and you’re ready to go live in days—not months.

Significantly reduce
your costs.

Why wait? With its smart setup and  automation, Solvemate deflects tickets and saves costs from day one.